Lê Thanh Display

︎︎︎ 2023

Bachelor’s Project

B&W Photography by Lưu Chữ
Lê Thanh Dislpay was made during a 4-month long stay in Vietnam. It's a sans-serif that draws inspiration from old Vietnamese handwriting and old hand-painted signs that can still be seen in certain districts. Influenced by the perspective of meeting "the other country" for the first time, it captures the intersection of two different cultures. The typeface carries the charm and imperfection from the sources of inspiration, while simultaneously appearing serious through it’s boldness and clean lines.

Vietnamese writing relies heavily on diacritics, which can sometimes pose difficulties when everything has to fit within certain boundaries. To solve this problem, Lê Thanh Display offers a height-mono mode, which works in the same way as a traditional monospace font, but has a fixed height instead of width. The font includes three modes to choose from: standard, single diacritic and double diacritic.