Hai Bên

︎︎︎ 2021

Visual identity
Made at Westerdals

* Identity, concept,
illustration and photography

Gullkalven 2022
Hai Bên, a cultural and gastronomic fusion between Norway and Vietnam, is a high-class restaurant located in Oslo. Here you will be served authentic Vietnamese food made from Norwegian high-quality produce.

At Hai Bên there is an intimate yet spacious atmosphere. The food is made to be shared, is meant to contribute to meaningful conversations over a good meal. 

Hai Bên roughly translates to “both sides” and is a reflection of the restaurants origin.

The identity is built with duality and opposites in mind, with all the elements representing both cultures. The clean design and intricate illustrations, together
with the beautiful photography, tells a story of this intersection between Norway
and Vietnam.