My name is Linn Xuân. I’m an Oslo based graphic designer with a BA in Graphic Design from Westerdals/Kristiania.

From a young age I always took interest in how things looked, and designed my own blog at around 9 years old. At the time, I didn’t know it was an interest that later would grow into me going to design school. 

My design process is rooted in conceptual design with focus on strategy and brand building. I focus most my work on visual identity, editorial design, print and digital design. Other than that I really enjoy typography and illustration!  

I enjoy:
︎︎︎Learning new things
︎︎︎Jasmine tea
︎︎︎Pretty flowers

and that’s me ︎︎︎


Grafills Faggruppe for grafisk design (2021-)

Intern at Bielke&Yang (2022-2023)
Intern at Smuss Studio (2022)
Intern at Ry Designstudio (2022)
Intern at Ticketmaster (2020)


Gold, Visuelt 2024, Graphic Design Open Class, Ways Into Practice
Gold, Gullkalven 2022, Identity, Hai Bên
Diploma, Gullkalven 2022, Editorial, Plantae Magazine

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